incantations for love and friendship

by First Boyfriend

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Matt Summers
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Matt Summers thoughtful and soft, feelings i'm grateful to hear and know i'm not alone in Favorite track: red coffee cup.
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a study on love


released December 23, 2016



all rights reserved


First Boyfriend Olympia, Washington

im crying and im wondering why.

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Track Name: red coffee cup
loving you feels like a growing bone
i dont know why im afraid to say you feel like home
are my eyes filled with tears or blood
how could i confuse this pain with love

loving you feels like an open wounds
rub it with scented salt itll heal soon
hold my icy hands and say "i love you"
you know i love you too

i saw you at the bus stop
across the street
did you see me

yesterday it snowed
tomorrow itll sleet
i think

and i hard to love
and i sharp to touch
and i hard to be near
i love you so much
Track Name: peach rings
every peach has a stone
but im a rock
not every house is a home
im an empty lot

whats with the tone you take
when we talked
and why did it sound like you hated me
when we fought

if you wanted to stay you wouldve stayed
but you wanted to go thats why youre gone

if i want to leave, would i have left?
when we fought, i liked to think you were wrong.

i like to think you were wrong
Track Name: itll be okay soon
i have a secret love for you
but i dont know who you are
poems on pink paint chips that wrote for you
in the hardware store

i love the way my skin feels
when im safe, asleep, and dreaming
and i love the way my heart swells
but i dont know what it means

call the doctor
call your mom
call your sisters
write a song

i dont want my family to know
when i wake up
dead and gone

i have a secret love for life
even though im really scared
and as much as i want to die
im really happy that im here
Track Name: dreamz
i only know you in the context of my sex dreams
disgusting sweet smoke surrounds me in my lunacy
these lunar visions
tiny far away love provisions

under the fake moon you hold me tight
i awake with a fright
to find that im alone

imaginary little spoon i try
to memorize this trance
i feel so at home

if you were to grab my hand in the waking world
i might think that it might be fate

if i were tonight die alone in my bed
id never have to ask you on a date

i only know you in the context of the way i feel
when im alone
thinking of you